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Little Fish Bellies

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Part Number: Little Fish Bellies

PATTERNS VARY! With very little stock of this item we will send you what we have available! We CAN guarantee you will love whichever fish belly you receive!  

Soothe aches and pains with little fishbellie microwave to freezer corn bag therapy! Little fishbellies are the perfect size for concentrated body parts like belly aches, cramps, lower back pain and more.


Store your Fishbellie in the freezer and use in place of a bag of frozen peas to help reduce swelling and manage pain. Fishbellies make the perfect gift for cancer patients or anyone undergoing surgery. Cheery and fun. All natural, earth friendly and reusable. Happily made in the U.S.A. Featured in U.S. Health News – Ultimate Gift Guide for Someone With Chronic Illness. Please read instructions for use.


19" long x 8" wide

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