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Natural Life Giving Plate- Pineapple

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Part Number: NLgivingPlatePineapple

The gift that keeps on giving! The Giving Plate makes the best gift...especially when Its filled with homemade brownies! Perfect for new neighbors, new baby, hard times, teacher, birthdays, hostess gift, just for fun and more! The saying on the plate explains to pay it forward and let the plate keep on giving. A sticker on the bottom explains how you can sign and date the plate with a Sharpie before passing it on again! Its fun to see where the plate goes over the time and becomes a treasured giving plate!


  • SKU: PLT015
  • 13.5in L x 8.5in W x 2.5in H
  • Ceramic
  • Sign and date your name before passing along
  • Dishwasher safe. Do not microwave

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