Extended Holiday Hours Start Monday!

Extended Holiday Hours Start Monday!

We're staying open later during the week to make sure you have extra time to shop for the holidays! 
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Donate New Toys for GHS Children's Hospital!

Donate New Toys for GHS Children's Hospital!

Now through December 11th, we're helping local hero, Grayson Owens, collect new toys for Happy Wheels, an organization that delivers toys to kids in the hospital each week! These kids need something to look forward to, something to make them smile, and Happy Wheels toys do just that!

Five years ago, at the age of 9, Grayson Owens of Easley underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor. Today, he is cancer-free but is working to overcome posterior fossa syndrome, a result of the location of the tumor in his brain. He is blessing the lives of everyone around him, both family and strangers alike, and it is his goal this year to donate 500 new toys for kids in the hospital as they fight for their health as Grayson has and continues to do.

Happy Wheels Greenville Wish List:

0-3 Years:
***This is our biggest need***
-Anything with sound and/or lights
-Infant items: rattles, teething rings, learning toys, etc.
-Chunky toddler toys
-Baby Dolls
-Coloring books (coloring only, not coloring and activity)
-Themed items: Dora, Thomas the Train, Disney, etc.
4-7 Years:
None Please
We have an enormous amount of toys for this age group in storage and cannot accept more.
8-11 Years:
-Nerf Guns
-Sports Balls (footballs, soccer balls, etc.)
-Remote Control Toys
-Lego Sets
12-18 Years:
***This is our biggest need***
Sports Balls: Basketball, Football, Soccer Ball.
Rubik’s Cubes
DVDs  (No Rated R please.  PG 13 is acceptable)  Don’t forget, boys like movies too!
Board games:  Monopoly, Life, Battleship, Scrabble, Sorry, etc.
Sets for girls: Lotion, Nail Polish, Makeup, Lip Gloss, Craft Sets,  etc.
Card Games:  Uno, Scrabble, Monopoly, Apples to Apples, etc.
Lego Sets (large sets)
Fleece blankets
Sports Magazines for Boys
-Adult Coloring Books
-Stuffed animals
-Crayons (Crayola brand please)
-Colored Pencils (Crayola brand please)
-AAA batteries9 volt batteries (no other sizes needed at this time)
What we DON’T need:
-Books (Barnes and Noble donates all of our books for us!)
-Activity books
-Bubbles (The bottles leak)

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